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We thank you for your generous contribution to PM Cares / Maharashtra Chief Minister Relief Fund for Covid-19. As promised Project Maitree would compile pre-feasibility report in lieu of contribution to COVID-19 cause for benevolent members of at least 30 year co-operative housing society.

In case your society is yet to contribute, please click on the PM Cares or Maharashtra Chief Minister Relief Fund logo and do your bit for the nation during this crisis.

We request you to provide the following details.

General Details of the Society

Property Details of the Society

Please select the types of Feasibility reports required

Terms of usage:

  • The pre-feasibility report is based upon the information provided by the society and is subject to availability of original document with the society.
  • This report is subject to prevailing policies and is being commissioned with a belief that the society is actively pursuing redevelopment option as on date.
  • This pre-feasibility report is prepared with an aim that society will be able to take an appropriate decision on redevelopment post Covid-19. It is strongly recommended and advised that society should get a detailed and exhaustive feasibility report commissioned with the help of a qualified Architect-PMC before taking any decision.
  • The final report will be delivered through the registered email address and WhatsApp number within 30 days. Project Maitree would revert to the society with confirmation email once information submitted by the society is validated.
  • Only registered contact person would coordinate with Project Maitree for any queries or doubts.
  • Society committee members interested in understanding findings or recommendations of the final report, may please visit Project Maitree office or hold a discussion over video call after taking an appointment.